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Call for Contributions to CALA’s YouTube Channel – CALA Channel

CALA’s Social Media Subcommittee invites CALA members to contribute videos to the CALA YouTube Channel. Video ideas can include programming, workshops, tutorials, webinars, presentations, member library spotlights, librarian (member) spotlights, infographics, libraries behind the scenes, demos, and much more.

CALA, its chapters and members featured, and international collaboration and outreach materials will be promoted widely in and beyond the library community. Tutorial, programming, workshop type videos that are submitted can and will be used by CALA members and the community at large to aid in their own library instruction and other diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement purposes.   

See YouTube Video Examples.  

Submission Requirements:

  1. Premade and newly created videos are welcome.
  2. Videos that are contributed can be in any language including English and Chinese. If possible, please include subtitles.
  3. Videos should follow YouTube file formats and must be pre-edited.
  4. Videos should be 480p SD (standard definition), 720p HD or higher, maximum 1080p.

Submission Process:

Please submit all contributions through the CALA YouTube Submission Form.

CALA Social Media Subcommittee will agree upon and upload videos to the CALA YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please contact the Social Media Subcommittee.

Thank you for contributing to CALA and making CALA YouTube a more diversified and energetic space!


CALA Social Media Subcommittee

Sai Deng,
Angel Tang,
Toan Lam-Sullivan,
Yan He,