CALA Listserv

CALA Listserv is a discussion forum as well as a communication channel for the Chinese American Librarians Association.

Purpose.  The purpose of the CALA LISTSERV shall be to disseminate CALA related information to the CALA LISTSERV members, and to facilitate the exchange of professional information and to stimulate conversations and dialogues via an electronic forum.

Membership.  The membership of the CALA LISTSERV shall be limited to current CALA members only, or as specifically authorized by the CALA Board of Directors, and in such case, only with specific purposes or justification for said exception.

CALA Listserv Policy (approved by the Board on 8/19/2015)

  • CALA Listserv was launched in June 1994 at University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee. Dr. Wilfred Fong was the first list owner.
  • On February 14, 2003, CALA Listserv moved to a new location: The list owner during this period of time was Shixing Wen (
  • On August 1, 2007, CALA List moved again, to its own domain: The current list owner is CALA's webmaster (