CALA 50th Anniversary/ CALASYS Collection Grant Recipients

Dear CALA members,

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022-2023. The CALA 50th Anniversary/ CALASYS Collection Grant is created to collect and archive collections of documents, photographs and other materials that reflect the history of CALA, the Chinese American Librarians, their cultural heritage, and the Chinese American community. The evaluation team for the Collection Grant has evaluated all proposals and is pleased to announce the following recipients. 

CALA 50th Anniversary/ CALASYS Collection Grant Recipients ($500 each): 

  • CALA: A Path to the Future Library Leaders, by CALA PR & Fundraising Committee (Principal Investigator: Jingjing Wu, Member: Weiling Liu)  
  • CALA/YALSA Chinese American Reading List, by CALA/YALSA Booklist Taskforce (Principal Investigator: Crystal Chen, Member: Melody Leung)  
  • CALASYS Collection Grant Special Recognition: 
  • Ming Qing Women's Poetry Collection, by Wikidata Chinese Culture and Heritage Group (Principal Investigator: Greta Heng, Members: Jing Jiang, Xiaoli Li, Sai Deng, Lihong Zhu, Amanda Xu, Cindy Tian)  

The awardees will archive their materials in the CALA’s institutional repository, CALASYS ( and build exhibits by working with the CALASYS Committee.  

Thank you and let’s celebrate the CALA’s 50th anniversary together!  


CALA 50th Anniversary/ CALASYS Collection Grant Evaluation Team 

Ray Pun, 

Vincci Kwong, 

Michael Bailou Huang, 

Suzhen Chen, 

Xiaoli Ma,