Why Join CALA?

As one of the major ALA affiliated associations, CALA is the only professional organization in North America that 1) promotes better communication among Chinese American librarians; 2) serves as a forum for the discussion of mutual problems and professional concerns among Chinese American librarians; and 3) promotes the development of Chinese and American librarianship with scholarships and grants.

CALA membership provides access to a variety of opportunities for professional networking, continuing education, services, and research. The major membership benefits include:

  • Professional networking and scholarly communication
    • CALA Sessions at ALA Annual Conferences and Midwinters
      Every year, the CALA Executive Board and other CALA committees meet at both the ALA Annual Conference and the Midwinter Meeting. The CALA annual program is held at the ALA Annual Conference. These sessions are open to CALA members and visitors interested in CALA activities, and are a marvelous way to become more involved with library and information studies.
    • CALA Leadership Academy

The Academy was established as part of the CALA Strategic Plan 2020.  The goal is to develop and deliver effective training programs to prepare CALA members for leadership roles in the 21st century. Distinguished American library leaders or educators were invited to give workshops or share their insights and real-life experience on the challenges and opportunities faced by Asian American librarians.    


  • Service Opportunities

CALA has 12 standing committees and 3 regular committees, where members can volunteer to serve to develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and contribute their expertise. Find more information about volunteering.